Salt Spa Room Therapy

Salt Spa Room Therapy

(ABC News) MIDLOTHIAN, Va. (WRIC) — We are in the midst of allergy season, and what if you could get relief by simply sitting back and relaxing on a lounge chair? There is a place in Midlothian that claims it can help you breathe better even when the pollen is biting back.

Carol and Bob Faraci are soaking up the salty air, but it is no day at the beach.

“I have what I call Richmond allergies, sinusitis is what I mainly suffer from,” Carol explains.

She is in the middle of a session at Breathe Easy Salt Spa. It was founded on decades of practice in Europe and Canada that is picking up in the United States.

The walls and floors are covered with Himalayan Rock Salt. Ground up salt is blowing through the air. They are the ingredients for what is called halotherapy. It was developed in the late 1800’s after a Polish physician noticed salt miners who constantly breathed in the mineral simply breathed better. read more 

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