Bath Salt Buy Best Organic Dead Sea Salt-Bulk Quantities

Bath Salt Buy Best Organic Dead Sea Salt-Bulk Quantities

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pure dead sea natural spa salt


DS 1618 offer you Dead Sea Bath salts in the following Specifications:

Dead Sea spa Salt 1 mm Dry price 3.5$ per 1 kg Dead Sea spa Salt 3 mm Corsa Dry price 3.5$ per 1 kg

Dead Sea spa Salt organic -1 mm fine price 4 $ per 1 kg Dead Sea spa Salt organic semi Dry price 3.5$ per 1 kg

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Address : Amman Jordan 1152, 258 Madina St.

with every order from 1618 we can provide you with mineral Analysis of your shipment to guarantee you the best minerals concentration from the Dead Sea. Contact for quotes or any information.

Dead Sea Salts from 1.618 - 100% pure & natural

Dead sea salts is very famous due to its rich concentration of minerals, these minerals is a natural therapeutic to care & treat your body, the dead sea salts we offer to you is harvested from the southern shores of the dead sea in Jordan, we are at the source & we only offer you 100% natural dead sea salt.

Why Dead Sea Salts from 1618®?

we are the third generation to sell Dead sea salts (we where first published in an othman newspaper back in 1910) at Dead Sea our salt is not mineral depleted, or refined we believe in natures power & we don't incorporate any man made chimerical to color our salt or decrease its minerals concentration, we just offer you natures at it best, this is our philosophy and this is our promise to you with every salt crystal from 1618.

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